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Cassandra - Owner, Lead Planner & Designer







Although this is my career path, it is truly my passion before anything else…

How I got here..

Cassandra is the company’s owner, lead planner and designer. "I started working in events at a young age and found my way to weddings through a professor of mine who asked me to plan a friend’s wedding. 

That’s where my story begins… I was asked to plan a 3 part wedding in Connecticut, Ireland and Los Angeles. After many, many months of planning and learning every step of the way, each part of the wedding was a huge success. I fell in love with planning weddings and even more with getting to know my clients. That was 11 years ago and I still love every detail of planning. I went on to receive my MSC in International Event Management and built my company from the ground up. I have had the pleasure of helping more than 600 couples plan, design and execute their wedding. Each love story deserves to be heard and what better way than to create an entire day around it… the wedding day. I have such a passion to create spaces that showcase the couple and their story while dazzling the guests with an experience they will remember for a lifetime. 

I am here to create an experience that tells your love story 

What I love…

My family is my strength and pillar of stability. I am dreamer and creator of others visions and family is consistently there supporting my creativity and passion. I truly am who I am because of them.
I have also been blessed with finding love myself and owe so much to this man who soon will become my husband. 
I am also a Fur-mama to 2 pups and 2 cats 

What I do...

Travel runs deeps within my heart and soul. I have been so lucky to not only travel all over the world but to live abroad as well. In every journey I take, I discover something new and bold, that helps me in my creative journey for all my clients


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