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What We Do

We create the ability for you to be completely present in the celebration of your engagement and wedding day.

My goal for each one of my clients is for you to enjoy every moment of your engagement without stressing over any details. I get to know each of my clients personally and only take on a certain number of weddings each year to ensure that you have my full attention. Whether you are finishing school or engulfed with family or career or maybe even both, the chances are you do not have the time to really focus on all the details that surround a wedding. We do! We have the time, the experience and the passion for your wedding. We are going to create a wedding that is not only beautifully and custom fit to you, but one like no other wedding you’ve seen!

Our Process

It all starts with getting to know you, your fiancé and your love story. We listen to details of your lives that brought you together and what you want to experience on the day of you wedding. How do your flowers smell? What colors will make you smile? Who is there with you to experience you wedding? Where do you see yourself walking down that aisle?

All of these things are apart of what makes your wedding special and different than anyone else’s. We take in all we learn about you to create your vision board and an original design just for your wedding.

From there we focus on everything that makes you two as a couple special and create a vision that will offer everything your wedding entails from all your vendors, your design, your signature pieces down to the smallest details.

Our process ensures that you love every moment of your engagement all the way until the last song of your wedding night.

Our Passion

Our passion is working with clients who care about there wedding but care more about focusing on each other. Our passion is creating the opportunity for you to enjoy your time with your fiancé so that we can focus on the details for you.

Let us handle creating that vision for you! I know you have more questions. So lets chat more

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